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About Us


Beauty And The Beads all began with a simple request from a friend for a personalized bracelet. It was out of love and creativity that this inspired mama turned her creative talents and her flare for fashion into a small business. She took to the streets to source quality products to enhance her unique craftsmanship. From there came the introduction of complimentary designs like personalized bracelets, eyeglass chains, anklets and now rings. Mixed materials began to find their way into some of these original designs. Threading, stringing and pattern work are not uncommon in these collections. While this business might not be a unique idea, the pieces that are created certainly are one of a kind. 


Simply through word of mouth, our creations have been popping up all over the internet and in local boutiques. We are proud to say that now you can shop for your own unique and personalized pieces right here on 


Whether it’s a gift for a friend, your kids, a family member or a treat for yourself, you can guarantee that each piece is handmade with love and created with the intention that every bead is as unique as the person wearing it!